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We are an old fashioned but young at heart Linens & Textiles business located in downtown Hong Kong. We produce and source from minority female-owned and operated artisans in India, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand & China. We have a simple model - try to help grass root fledgling businesses succeed in a crazy, competitive world, increase their standard of living and in return source some pretty awesome and unique home fashions, linens and tablecloths.

The Happy Linens Chronicle

How to measure your table?

August 24, 2015

First start with the size and shape of your table Measure the length and width for square and rectangle tables.  For oval tables, we suggest using our rectangle cloths as they fit them perfectly. For a round table, measure the diameter. When measuring your table, don't forget to add any leaves or extensions you may have, as it is common for tables to be extended when entertaining. What drop length do you want? Drop refers to the length of the fabric that extends beyond the edge of the table.  We recommend no shorter than 6" on all sides (15 to 25cm).  Remember that tablecloths sold at Happy Linens are usually embellished with embroidery around the border giving a grand and...

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A little background first.

August 01, 2015

For those of you who remember us as Home-N-Linens LLC, you might have noticed we have changed our name to the Happy Linens Company. Our new name and refreshed website reflects our vision for the 21st century. Home and family , hassle-free, sustainable linens at affordable prices

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